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"When the day came when I knew I had to find a suitable place for my mother to live, I had no idea where the search would take me, but I kept coming back to the cozy feeling I felt while visiting Parsons House. I brought my mother along with me on my second visit to Parsons and a selection of other facilities as well. I let her make her own decision and when she chose Parsons I smiled because I knew she had made the best decision. My mother has been here 14 months and I'm even more convinced it was the best choice. The staff is wonderful and they genuinely care and it shows every day. I'm fortunate I get to come visit her several times a week and I feel just as welcome today as I did the first day so I know my mom is in good hands. She loves the staff and enjoys socializing as I knew that was an important component to her happiness. I appreciate all the activities Parsons House provides and though my mom is not an active participant most of the time, she enjoys watching. The competency of the staff cannot be understated. She loves the administrative staff and of course loves Rosie and loves hearing Craig laugh. Parsons House for me and my mother has been a blessing. Thank you for all you do."
- David Ramon (Resident's Son)

"The best Christmas gift I'm getting this year is the peace of mind knowing my 90 year-old aunt is at Parsons House Austin. She has found a lovely, safe place to live and make new friends. Parsons House provides all the 'checklist items' families search for when looking for retirement communities. But more than that, the staff couldn't be more professional, attentive, kind and friendly. I feel like not only has my aunt made new friends but I have as well. My aunt recently told me she wishes she had known about Parsons House four year ago when she was changing apartments. I do too!"
-Janet Cramer (Resident's Niece)

"Parsons House staff is warm, friendly and responsive to the needs of each person living here. We have been very happy with the care my mother has been receiving."
- Marion Damen (Resident's Daughter)

"Our Mother came to Parsons House in May 2010 and we have been very satisfied with the staff and the facilities... Our Mother doesn't express herself well, but every indication is that she appreciates the staff. She once pointed to one of her caregivers and said, ""That's my friend."
- The Pritchett Family

"When it became apparent that our mother needed assistance in her daily life, we began to look around the Austin area for a nice place for her to live. She wanted to remain active and it was important that she have room for her own furniture and memorabilia. Parsons House stood out in our search for many reasons which included friendliness of the staff, comfort of the living area, quality of the meals, activities, maintenance of the facilities, the abundance of caregivers and the availability of medical assistance. We were happy with the choice and pleased that Parsons House became home to Mom"
- Kathy Jones (Resident's Daughter)

"Our experience with Parsons House has been wonderful. We truly feel blessed with the many excellent caretakers. It’s also warming to see how the other residents treat Mom so tenderly since she is more advanced in age than many. They all see what’s coming and live with appreciation of those that are there. At first I thought that mixing independent living with assisted was depressing to see those who could to do so well. How quickly we go from one stage to another toward the end of life and what the mixture does is give everyone a chance to give and help where they can; and know others may be there for them too. I love the blended community now and always try to spread the love when I go! I play the piano for a song or two before lunch sometimes and everyone breaks into applause. I feel famous."
-Charla Hathaway (Resident’s Daughter)

"I moved into Parsons House in 1992. It is home to me. It is a friendly, clean, safe place and I love it here!"
- Leroy P. Kappler (Resident)

"Moving a parent or loved one to assisted living is never easy, but if you are in that position, I highly recommend Parsons House. The management and staff are as professional as they are caring, and it has made a huge difference in my mom's heath and sense of security. I also appreciate that they work hard to make it affordable for a diverse array of residents, and are commited to helping everyone there age with as much dignity and grace as possible."
- Mary Fridley (Resident's Daughter)

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