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Parsons House Austin offers pet friendly living in Austin, Texas. We're confident your pet will love living at Parsons House Austin as much as you do!

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Pet Policy

At Parsons House Austin we recognize the therapeutic value of pets. It is our policy to maintain house pets from time to time. Because we understand that many residents have pets they have enjoyed, we will allow residents to bring an existing, small domestic pet. However, in order to maintain a contented "resident family", we call your attention to the following rules concerning pets:

Summary of Parsons House Austin’s Pet Policy:

In order to maintain a contented “resident family,” we have created the following rules:

  • Pets must be approved by the Executive Director before coming to the Parsons House Austin
  • Pets cannot be left alone when a resident is away overnight. If the resident leaves in an emergency, Parsons House Austin will arrange for care at a local kennel at the resident’s expense
  • Resident owners must be able to provide all necessary daily care, including feeding, watering, litter box cleaning (cat), and toileting outdoors in designated pet areas (dog)
  • Pets may not cause odors or create sanitation issues that negatively affect the resident owner, other residents, or any areas adjacent to the apartment (hallways, neighbors, other common areas), or cause disturbances or damage community property
  • No pets are allowed in the Dining Room at meal service

Dogs & Cats must be:

  • House-trained
  • Collared and licensed
  • Current on required vaccinations
  • Kept on a leash at all times when outside your apartment
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Maintained free of fleas/pests (the resident will be responsible for the cost of any necessary pest extermination)
  • The owner must pick up and dispose of droppings in a sealed plastic bag and place in outdoor trash receptacles (dogs)
  • Litter box trained (litter box must be maintained by resident in a clean and sanitary condition) (cats)

For a copy of the complete policy, please contact Parsons House Austin.

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